NARVOLD Photography


With Narvold Photography I hope to grow long lasting relationships with my clients through stunning photos and amazing memories!

Meet The Photographer


Nick Arvold

"My passion is your passion"

I want to capture all the feels. I love weddings because, there is so much joy, so much emotion filling the day. I want to capture all of that! I love that feeling.

As a father of an amazing boy and husband to an incredible wife, I could not be more blessed with the life I live.

I couldn't tell you the first time I picked up a camera, but I know it was long before high school. Making home videos with friends and civil war videos for American history class. I was always looking for something to film and a story to tell.

Around six years ago I got my hands on a less then expensive DSLR.  My love for telling a story and capturing moments quickly moved from motion to stills. Six years later I find myself here, sharing amazing moments and new memories with some of the most interesting and incredible couples/people I have ever met!



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